About Us


About Us


'Esh' is an antiquated Hebrew word meaning 'flame' or ‘fire’.


Founded in April 2020 by partners Mia and Reuben, Esh is a small-batch candle brand born in South-East London, U.K. and now operating out of London and Edinburgh. 


We create unique sculptural soy wax candles, inspired by contemporary art and design, food, nature and more!


Using Computer Aided Design software, each candle mould is designed and manufactured by us and our small team behind the scenes using recycled plastic. 

With innovative colouring techniques, and original scent blends, we then skillfully pour each and every candle in our professional studio to make some truly original candle creations! 


We have a strong belief in using natural ingredients and extracts, the base materials of our candles is 100% soy wax manufactured in Europe, natural toxic-free dyes, high quality essential oils and recycled cotton wicks.  


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 Mia & Reuben