The Tapered Twirl Set of 12

The perfect candle lovers gift set! The Esh Tapered Twirl Set contains 12 candles each in a unique shade.

From left to right: Ivory, Peach, Burnt Orange, Red, Pastel Pink, Pastel Lilac, Purple, Navy, Pastel Blue, Grey, Forest Green, & Olive Green.

More about the Twirls -
The Tapered Twirl Candles are a 'twist' on the traditional tapered dinner candle. Our version is carefully made by hand through a series of dippings to create a super smooth twist, with a slight shine.

Made with soy wax, recycled cotton wicks, and organic pigment dyes.

Dimensions -
Length: 20cm
Width at base: 23mm
Weight: 60g
Burn time: 80 minutes