The Standing Taper

The Standing Taper is a two-part candle: a twisted taper candle, and a scalloped shaped candle holder, both made entirely of wax!

To assemble: just gently twist the non-wicked end of the Taper into the Holder until it fits snuggly, and light away.

We’ve designed this candle so that the Holder acts as dish to collect the melted wax as your Taper burns. Once the Taper has burned down to the Holder, the wax will pool inside and burn for around an hour longer.

Product includes 1x twisted taper candle, and 1x candle holder both in the same colour.

Made with a wax blend, organic pigment dye, and a wick made from recycled cotton.

Length: 26cm
Width at base: 10cm
Weight: 225g
Burn time: 3+ hours