£8.00 - £15.00

NEW Tie-Dye Taper Extra Long

BRAND NEW EXTRA LONG 40cm Statement Dinner Tapers with a 12+ hour burn time!

Our original Tie-Dye Tapers have been so popular we decided to make an extra long version! At nearly double the height of a standard taper, these candles really are a sight to behold.

Each candle is hand dyed to create a kind of swirly watercolour effect, and each is a mini work of art of its own! Made with a special wax blend, these candles burn for 12+ hours with minimal drips. The perfect accessory for your dinner table to last for many meals.

Choose from our two colour ways:

‘Aquamarine’ hand dyed with a blend of green, teal, and indigo dyes.
‘Sunset’, hand dyed with a blend of orange, pink, and purple dyes

The Tie-dye tapers can fit into standard tapered candle holders, we recommend melting a small amount of wax either from your new Tie-Dye taper or from a previous candle, into you holder, and then gently pushing the new taper into place. The melted wax will act as a 'glue' for your new candle. Make sure it remains secure and upright at all times.
Be sure to trim your wick very short, around half a centimetre before lighting to increase burn time.

Length: 40cm
Width at Base: 25mm
Burn time: 12+ hours

Made with a natural wax blend, natural pigment dyes, and a cotton wick.