Mandarin and Meyer Lemon Set

A combination of our favourite fruits! A set comprised of one Meyer Lemon Candle scented with Citronella and Meyer Lemon essential oil, and a large Mandarin Orange scented with Tangerine and Mandarin essential oils.

As with all our candles, these are made with 100% soy wax, recycled cotton wicks, and non-toxic dyes.

These candles are best as ornaments, but are totally safe to burn. If you do decide to light them, please follow these tips below:


The first time you light your Lemon or Mandarin candle is the most important, as you want to establish a ‘burn pool’ (the liquid pool of wax of a candle while burning), which will ensure a longer and more even burn.

Trim your wick very short, around 5mm, and place candle on a heat proof dish with raised edges to collect any drips.

If a channel forms (this looks like a small split in the side, with molten wax pouring down the side of the candle onto the surface your candle is on) quickly plug up the channel with a chunk of hardened wax to stop the dripping completely. This will help the burn pool to grow and reach its optimum size.

Once a burn pool has been established (typically within 20 minutes of lighting) we recommend burning for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours for the Lemon, and 3 hours for the Mandarin, at a time.

Burning for longer than 2-3 hours may cause the candle to get too hot, and lose its shape.

Make sure to trim the wick to 5mm again before relighting.

Follow these tips and you can expect a burn time of at least 5 hours for your Lemon candle, and 6 for the Mandarin.

Lemon Dimensions:
Height: 5cm
Width at widest point: 7cm
Weight: 85g
Burn time: approximately 5 hours+

Mandarin Dimensions:
Height: 6.5cm
Width at widest point: 6.3cm
Weight: 150g
Burn time: approximately 6 hours+