Fruit Collection Bundle

A combination of our favourite fruits! A set comprised of two Meyer Lemon Candles scented with Citronella and Meyer Lemon essential oils, one large Mandarin Orange Candle scented with Tangerine and Mandarin essential oils; and one Gold Leaf Pomegranate Candle scented with Oud, Bergamot, and Honeysuckle oils.

Lemon Dimensions:
Height: 5cm
Width at widest point: 7cm
Weight: 85g
Burn time: 5+ hours

Mandarin Dimensions:
Height: 6.5cm
Width at widest point: 6.3cm
Weight: 150g
Burn time: 6+ hours

Pomegranate Dimensions:
Height: 9cm
Width at widest point: 8cm
Weight: 365g
Burn time: 15+ hours