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Block Orb

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  • Block Orb
  • Block Orb
  • Block Orb

The Orb is a freestanding flattened-sphere shape, and is super smooth and tactile.

Scented with a high concentration of essential oils, we really recommend burning your orb to experience its full potential! You can expect a burn time of 20 hours or more.

The Pink shade is scented with high quality cold-pressed Eden Rose essential oil, and the Green with cold-pressed Clary Sage essential oil.


The first time you light your Orb candle is the most important, as you want to establish a ‘burn pool’, which will ensure a longer and more even burn.

Trim your wick very short, around 5mm. Though drips are unlikely to occur, we still recommend placing on a heat proof dish before lighting.

Once a burn pool has been established (typically within 30 minutes of lighting) we recommend burning for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 5 hours at a time.

Burning for longer than 5 hours may cause the candle to get too hot, and loose its shape.

Make sure to trim the wick to 5mm again before relighting.

This candle is vegan.

Height: 6cm
Width: 13cm
Weight: 350g
Burn time: 20 hours +